“I’m a rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body.” ~ Miko Hargett aka Maria Faith

Miko Hargett is a writer, storyteller and visionary with a background in infotech and digital marketing. (Her birth name is Maria Faith Hargett.) She thinks it’s fun to write about herself in third person.  

In 2015 Miko was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer on Mother’s Day weekend. After preoperative chemo and time to heal, on the day of her mastectomy (Super Bowl Saturday), she committed to sharing her story on social media as part of her healing.

“It looks like I’m going to get a couple things off my chest today,” she joked on Facebook from the gurney before a nurse took away the phone.

Fast forward to December 2018, Miko is NED (No Evidence of Disease), her hair has grown back and so has her spirit.

Miko is a believer in coupling powerful vision with practical tools for exceptional experiences.

Fast forward to February 2021, Miko has gone through hyperbaric oxygen treatment and had two lat(issimus dorsi) flap surgeries. She believes she is rebirthed every time she has a surgery.

Meanwhile, she creates as much content as her happy heart pleases, for herself and for others. Lately besides photos taken with her Google Pixel, and a lot of words in journals and cover letters with resumes (!), Miko is also a happy podcaster. Who knew she would love the camera back?

This cheeky picture was taken in 2014. Before the boobie cancer showed up.

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