Artificial Intelligence Magic for Smart Marketing

Next stop in my writer’s journey is a visit to the topic of artificial intelligence and super smart marketing.


Let me ask you a question…


Is social media marketing something you’d like to have done for you? Like, almost magically? You make a wish, rub your eyes and it’s all done?




Presto! Your wishes have been fulfilled! (Winks and flashes a knowing smile.)


I’m happy to tell you that a revolutionary app called Prebuilt Marketing is launching on Thursday – and I’m fortunate enough to be on the prelaunch team.


What does Prebuilt Marketing AI do?


Creates & Recommends – Prebuilt Marketing will write content with our images or yours for your small business for you, schedule posts for the best times, learn from your audience response, and do it all over again. Without needing to eat.


Or do yoga. Or take a luxurious bath. Or go on vacation. Or go to the gym. Or sleep. Or relax.


That’s right – Prebuilt Marketing AI can help give you time to do more of those human loving things.


It helps entrepreneurs advertise a product, a launch, sale or special, it gets the word out about your event, webinar, podcast, blog or the sale of a house and so much more – all with one simple tool using artificial intelligence, and gets smarter with the creation of each post.


Learns – Maybe you’d like to get to know your customers better but you’re not sure how to make sense of the analytics and then apply them to your next campaigns to set you up for success. That’s a lot of thinking and learning.


Prebuilt Marketing AI will do that for you using artificial intelligence. You can edit the posts before approval too. A  marketing department for $127. How much is your time worth?


Schedules Your Content – Prebuilt Marketing AI can also work like Hootsuite or Buffer and schedule your own custom content for that very creative or existing content you want to use.


What kind of business is this best for?


Small Businesses – Prebuilt Marketing is designed for businesses with products and promotions. I’ll still write my own poems and thought leaders will still have to write their articles – however, it can be used by authors for books on poetry or thought leadership or any kind of informational product.


Writers & Authors – In fact, I think it’s also great for writers and authors who would rather have a tool to set up campaigns for their editorial approval. I like the idea of Prebuilt Marketing and IBM Watson preparing my social media marketing first draft while I write poems, take inspirational selfies, heal, do yoga, take baths, write stories and go on foodie adventures. That’s a life, right?


Is your business a good fit for artificial intelligence marketing? View the list here


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If you’re the type of person people come to for help with their social media marketing, Prebuilt Marketing could take your support to a new level for you and them.

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Written by Miko Hargett

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