A Morning Affair With Love, The Miko Diaries

Dear Reader, If you’re reading this you’re either still here after so long or you’re a new reader. In either case thank you for sharing the precious commodity of time and maybe a dash of curiosity, with me, one of the many writers whose work you could be enjoying right now.  The question I wanted … Continue reading A Morning Affair With Love, The Miko Diaries

Welcome to Miko Care

M - mikocare

Before we dive deep into what Miko Care represents - in short, my personal adventures and misadventures in life and love and breast cancer - let me just say I had a lot of fun making this new logo. First of all the M is a super fancy cursive (motto: why curse when you can … Continue reading Welcome to Miko Care

Antinovel Starts Here: Bounceback Selfie, 11-11-2011

Flash forward to now - it's a hot summer night in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's dark in my room except for the smart TV playing relaxing underwater scenes and I'm settled, in contrast to the selfie below, a whirlwind of clarifying moments (the tough kind!) as 2011 closed. Back then I lived in La Quinta, … Continue reading Antinovel Starts Here: Bounceback Selfie, 11-11-2011

Dark Night, Bright Light

Dark Night Bright Light, Photography By Miko Hargett

Good morning gorgeouses and handsomes! Hope you slept well or will soon. Something for you... from work on my portfolio. #allbymyselfies Dark night, bright light! Chiaroscuro* introspective insomnia selfie photography by yours truly. What do you think? Would you share it? Would you like to see more of this photoshoot? And my vault of a … Continue reading Dark Night, Bright Light