Ghosts of What Was Me #poetry

woman's feet in crocs

Authenticity I say; if there's sunshine then there's rain, and in the honest tears, Love's quiet refrain. ❤️🖤 Crying and crying and crying, bitterly, resentfully, mourning some kind of loss while a rhythm pulses in my ears, pushing out what was, bringing to the surface the hate I could not bear before, cleansing what was … Continue reading Ghosts of What Was Me #poetry

Good Morning World, It’s Me Again #change

Leather charm bracelet - Believe, Live - Om

On my Facebook page banner, I said that healing was in progress and I was blogging here - but I realized it had been some time since I'd blogged here! Sometimes the moments blur into each other and it feels like time is doing a different dance than usual. I think that's the time of the … Continue reading Good Morning World, It’s Me Again #change

Goddess of Rain, Kiss My Pain #poetry #adult

I’ve done some manly things before, Played the princess, played the whore - Knocked on a dudes back door But I did it all in my head And did the riding in my bed - Peeked in your dark corners So we wouldn’t trip and fall - Played the perfect little woman, Then stopped to … Continue reading Goddess of Rain, Kiss My Pain #poetry #adult

Is It Still This Week? #fog #sun #fog #sun #fog #rogueboob #writer

I asked myself that when I looked at my sticky post and saw that this week's conversation was about some big topics like empaths and breast cancer. Ha! Ambitious much? We'll see. Well, the conversation has been going on regardless of me remembering. But wait! Excuse me but my rogue right boob has given up … Continue reading Is It Still This Week? #fog #sun #fog #sun #fog #rogueboob #writer