Body of Work

Miko - writing about life - text graphic of words transcribed below.This was the business card I came up with after I had one too many network events without a business card.

It was after the cancer diagnosis. All I knew is, I wanted a card.

I have written under other names, using other voices.

Ghost writing, some call it. Freelancing, too.

My specialty is that I use “method acting” concepts for method writing. I explore topics deeply that surround the many and varied expressions of love, which is at the basis of life.

(Of late I am especially inclined to take on topics and projects that include an abundant supply of freshly made food and water. Living things.)

The first novel I took on under the pen name Mikami Kono-e was an exploration into an alternative Universe where there was freedom of thought – and what came of that.

But it went the way the novels went afterwards. The way all my writing was. Compromised. Stifled. Not true to my message.

That was in the late nineties. I walked away from what felt like mental prison, only to find that sometimes when you write for freedom – you might be writing a long, long time before you realize that you are free and you always were.

So that gives me shivers most times I think about it. But maybe it’s what I’m meant to do, since I apparently gave guinea pigs freedom as a toddler. I imagined sending them into the lovely forest to at least have one happy day in the grass.

That’s all we have right? The ability to be happy. Maybe in the grass?

Something worth writing about. The ways we can be happy. Grass or not, green or not.

It’s time for stories though. Real, honest, flinching and unflinching, stories that take courage to tell. Campaigns that are fueled by heart over dollars – because we have let money into our world and our lives, and our hearts.

Let’s make it do something fun that doesn’t harm others mentally, emotionally or physically. Sparring … there’s a time and a place for that.

We can be lovers and fighters. In fact I think we all are, if we remember.

Here, finally, I will begin putting my published work together in one place. If you would like to help – and believe you can – stay tuned … I’m looking for people with artisan mindsets, storytellers, creatives.

Some of the things I have are:

  • Novels, novellas
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Non-fiction
  • Copywriting (email ads, brochures, web copy)
  • Editing
  • Art
  • Systems Thinking
  • eCourses
  • Mind maps
  • Ideas about using nature’s algorithms with storytelling to put more smiles on more faces and more laughter in our hearts

Internet Journaling ~ My Recent Work

Since the end of 2011 I have documented as much of my journey through the Internet and World Wide Web. Affectionately called Interwebs.

I saw a change coming. There was a role I was meant to play. Maybe you don’t believe those things. I do.

Before 2010, I was in ghost mode.

My portfolio is scattered, as is the case with most unpublished work that isn’t cherished and polished for public viewing.

You could say I approached design like a combat engineer, building things that were not meant to last, under challenging if not hostile conditions. Never getting ahead on the books.

Truthfully I was rebelling in part against the greedy undercurrents of the early 2000s following the dot com boom – and the idea that the excitement of suddenly having way more money than ever before became a reality for people.

I rebelled by refusing to be a part of any project I was not at peace with – I rebelled by doing the work and not treasuring it. Let the custodians of the work keep it safe. I rebelled by letting go.

Nothing wrong with money. But deception and unethical elitist business practices never work out. No one likes being lied to. So that’s bad math right there.

But I learned a lot. I studied some photographers and artists that I felt helped frame the mundane or the morbid as if love could be there too. Artists with dark stories like Diane Arbus (deeyann) – Araki (Araki by Araki). Artists who were not afraid to go to the fringe societies, to let others see them in their raw glory, to see their grime and grit – my fellow men and women.

People who need shelter, who make more with less than many of us.

I learned about real estate investing. Phantom depreciations. Robert Kiyosaki. Hundreds of thousands of dollars profit came from this knowledge that saved the businesses that helped the financial institutions find people who wanted to cash out. Subprime lending. Seemed predatory.

There was a time I was looking for loan sharks to save the too much stuff. Say what!

So much stress to have “the life”. People go through so much to stay close with those they love. Some people just love money more. That’s ok – but please tell us all the same story or it’s annoying.

No worries though, today is the most important thing, right?

I guarantee we are wiser today than we were when we created yesterday’s masterpieces. And life has many shades or it would be a blank canvas. You can get those at a store.

What we make from our hearts. It’s not plain white. Even though unto the pure all things are pure.

My body of work, by some standards, is very impure.

But I made every bit with as much of my heart as I had to share.

That being said, if you have something precious I made with or for you and you’d like to share it, please connect with me on Facebook or here.

I will be creating pages for each type of work as it makes sense.

* Puts Pooh Bear’s thinking cap on.

With Love,

Miko Hargett, Maria Faith Walls, Miko Poppins 

et al. 😉