Something I wrote on my iPhone when I was trying to remember how to write. When I was beside myself, feelings and sensations rushing through me like I was a ghost and the world was one big crowd walking through me one by one, and as I felt each soul and all their life times I went into myself for peace. There were voices there too. These ones I knew. No one would follow me into the darkness I thought, but then it overtook me till I felt I had become that. I had gone to find peace and I found something else instead.

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This ebook is a letter written by a grown woman who still has the heart of a child. Who still sees wonder and beauty all around her, and although she is strong and capable, will always need her daddy’s love.

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He was strong. She was her own woman. In this retelling of the twisted love story of Samson and Delilah, she begs him to reveal the secret of his uncanny strength. So the games begin. He tests her, her true colors are revealed, and yet still they go on playing the high stakes game that cannot go on forever. Told as if from Delilah’s perspective.

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(Originally written in the late nineties and published with Heaven’s Library, and republished it on Amazon in 2014 under the name Maria “Miko” Faith.)