Is It Still This Week? #fog #sun #fog #sun #fog #rogueboob #writer

I asked myself that when I looked at my sticky post and saw that this week's conversation was about some big topics like empaths and breast cancer. Ha! Ambitious much? We'll see. Well, the conversation has been going on regardless of me remembering. But wait! Excuse me but my rogue right boob has given up … Continue reading Is It Still This Week? #fog #sun #fog #sun #fog #rogueboob #writer

My Breast Cancer Recovery GoFundMe

It has been a lot to juggle. My writer self is returning after much practice on Facebook during this time I figure out my energy and new way of being. I may be ambitious attempting #nanowrimo this year with pending radiation treatment, sure. But it feels right to forge ahead in the spirit of at … Continue reading My Breast Cancer Recovery GoFundMe

Fun Bag Friday Returns #breastcancerawareness

Yep, for those of you who remember the Fun Bag Friday's - when I would get 50ccs of saline at a time in my temporary tissue expanders.  Today, we schedule the surgery to put the implants in - and take out the expanders. Of course not in that order.  And here is me.  Love this … Continue reading Fun Bag Friday Returns #breastcancerawareness

Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar

Today's stop at inflation station was brief.  I asked the nurse if it was normal to feel tired after what seemed like a simple procedure.  It's mental exhaustion more. I'm physically a little sore but by the time I get home I'm starting to feel zoned out.  She reminded me I've been through a lot … Continue reading Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar