How Will You Love Yourself Today? #love #healing #humanity #cancersurvivors

Dear Brave Reader, I hope you are looking after yourself in the best way possible. A gift from cancer for me was developing a fierce appreciation of time and the power of little acts of love. May you feel deeply all the love you have given and are capable of giving, and may the result … Continue reading How Will You Love Yourself Today? #love #healing #humanity #cancersurvivors

A Micropost re MikoMart

I'm going to link products I refer to that are in my change and survivor toolkit with my Amazon Associate link. My tag? MikoMart. In Mikoopolis* these are little super convenience shops (MikoMarts) that have just what you might need on your journey. On Earth, they're Amazon Associate links for now. (*my imaginary vision board) … Continue reading A Micropost re MikoMart

Dancing Meditation

Sometimes even for a wordy girl, words aren't enough without movement. Welcome to a peak at my personal holistic healing practice. 💃🏻🙌🏻🦋

Give Me Authentic

What exactly is authenticity? How, in transformation, do we separate authenticity from pretense?

Fun Bag Friday & Copy Cat Stuff

Fun bag Friday pics coming soon!  I decided to go with a small D / full C - like I was before, well except the times I was a B or DD or when nursing, F!  Especially in case I have radiation - which I'm hoping not - and because I'm a complete responder for … Continue reading Fun Bag Friday & Copy Cat Stuff

Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar

Today's stop at inflation station was brief.  I asked the nurse if it was normal to feel tired after what seemed like a simple procedure.  It's mental exhaustion more. I'm physically a little sore but by the time I get home I'm starting to feel zoned out.  She reminded me I've been through a lot … Continue reading Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar

Transparency Tuesday

I feel I’ve been bouncing around a lot in my writing (but maybe it’s just my mind!), and maybe some of you new to my story might be wondering what’s going on. (Sometimes I wonder too. :P) So just a quick recap of where I’m at in life: Recently cancer free - hoorah! On May … Continue reading Transparency Tuesday