Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar

Today’s stop at inflation station was brief.  I asked the nurse if it was normal to feel tired after what seemed like a simple procedure.  It’s mental exhaustion more. I’m physically a little sore but by the time I get home I’m starting to feel zoned out.  She reminded me I’ve been through a lot […]

Try Vegan Too, Cuz…

…Flexitarian!  Okay, not a complete-sounding sentence. Let me paraphrase… Trying vegan is a fun part of being flexitarian for me.  Vegan cooking approaches tastes and textures in new ways that can add to my flexitarian diet.  Those subtle tastes blended together to make vegetables without meat more palatable? (And more nutritious?)  I like to use […]

Carrots Against Cancer

   The humble carrot that grows in the dirt has some powerful nurturing features for our health. If you Google “carrots and cancer” you’ll find a lot of info about how carrots play a big role in fighting and preventing cancer.  Carrots are sweet (glucose) so cancer cells like them and allow them in as […]