Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar

Today’s stop at inflation station was brief. 

I asked the nurse if it was normal to feel tired after what seemed like a simple procedure. 

It’s mental exhaustion more. I’m physically a little sore but by the time I get home I’m starting to feel zoned out. 

She reminded me I’ve been through a lot of trauma and it’s natural to feel tired.  I don’t mind needles, for example, but now my body’s experienced the knife too, and is just exhausted from everything. But she also said that I’m doing really well. 

Yay. Encouraging to hear. 

This time when the right side was inflated I felt pressure in that breast / chest area, no pain. 

My left side was much more sensitive. The needle stings but it’s not too bad. Just a deep breath in. And pressure on this side too. 

The bottom portion of my tatas will start filling in now. If you remember my silly post mastectomy selfie, there were some folds under the left breast. I was wondering about that. 

Stretch, stretch the muscles. Skin is smoothing out too. 

So hooray. Onto the next topic – food!!! 

In other awesome news, I watched Chef Todd Mohr’s free cooking webinar and loved it! He taught us principles of cooking that are taught in culinary school and how to make your own easy recipes with a formula. And learning to cook with your eye and the thermometer. 

I really enjoyed it, and am looking at food in a new way. I’ve always had a close relationship with my food and explored all kinds of eating – it’s my fuel and also fun! 

But after this latest life experience, I want to revamp my perspectives on food again. 

I really believe that “the new person doesn’t need the old disease” – and I decided to change things I do, even healthy habits, to a new healthy way. 

So more fun with vegetables and plant proteins. I like how vegans and vegetarians use vegetables in creative ways to create interesting tastes and textures, some almost as good tasting as meats and dairy products. Cashew cheese? Yum. 

I still like my meat though and I feel better when I eat it. This just gives me even more to play with for nutritious and healthy ideas. Plus I can include more plant protein and less meat in some dishes for variety plus cost. I like to get really good quality meat. 

Also I find cooking to be meditative, especially with a lot of color, it’s very soothing and uplifting. It can be like alchemy. 

So for my freestyle cooking style (I like cooking with scissors),  I really enjoyed Chef Todd Mohr’s webinar and considering joining his online cooking school at

I did find I could brush up on my knife skills too, because “consistency of cut is consistency of cook.” 

Many gems from Chef Todd Mohr. 

I want to explain my thoughts on killing animals for food. I believe we all have certain needs unique to us as individuals that include nutrition. We have evolved and continue to – and many animals eat meat too. I like the cultures that honor the sacrifice of life for life from a loving and respectful place. I feel better when I eat with that mindset, even more so than when I’m not eating meat. But I also understand for health reasons some people don’t eat meat, so listen to your body. Mine knows what’s up, and I’m better off when I listen to it. 

But back to reinventing my relationship with food – whenever I’m making big life changes I like to revisit the things I do most often and see how I can support myself through the transition physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Food isn’t just physical, it can play a role mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s a good way for me to get in alignment with a new phase or direction in my life cuz I’ve got a new food theme going and I’m thinking about food differently in a way that compliments my new direction. 

Besides, I gotta explore and try new things to keep my creativity up and my imagination active. Food is a great place to start! 

What can we make next…?! 

Most of all, enjoy – and keep your eating and activity level complimentary. What’s your body doing and what does it need. 

A quote I like when it comes to eating (and life) is, “everything in moderation, including moderation.” 

And last but not least, if you aren’t happy with how you eat, don’t guilt yourself and don’t deprive yourself, that just adds heaviness mentally and emotionally.  

Find out why you love that cheat meal or whatever you don’t believe is right for you in the longrun and add new food to try that might hit those spots in a healthier way. 

Slow and steady is the best way to go – but whether you have to do a big life change fast or can take it slow, making it about what new food to eat is more fun than thinking about what you have to give up. 

And more fun is more sustainable. Whatever fun means to you. 

During cancer and trauma that we go through, our bodies deserve fun and goodness. We do too. 

I’m excited to put the principles I learned from Chef Todd Mohr into practice. 

Already looking at food in a new way. And so excited to get my masticating juicer. Might have to whip up some juicy juices over some juicy stories! 

Thanks for reading about my fun bag Friday and my dishing on food! 

Try any new recipes recently? Do share in comments! 

Tata for now,
Miko xo



Mo’ No Bake Carrot Cake Plus Ninja Food Pro PraiseĀ 

For more details on the exact ingredients I used (except the dairy), I’ll include  some pics below. 

I used the ninja food processor with the dough blade to mix the no bake dough! Photo of that below too. 

Very happy with this recipe. Will probably tweak it some for fun in the future. 

Love to hear your version too! 

Got ingredients at Sprouts and Walmart.  

 oat flour, vegan protein powder, coconut flour
oat flour, vegan protein powder, coconut flour

ninja food pro dough blade in action
ninja food pro dough blade in action

See part one of this – my No Bake Protein Carrot Cake  recipe – for the whole story on this food adventure. 

Love, Miko xoxo 

No Bake Protein Carrot Cake RecipeĀ 

With all the carrot smoothies and juicing, sometimes I need variety. 

I googled the title (minus recipe because I thot it was implied) and settled on this no bake protein carrot cake from 

His are much prettier – and easy to pin on Pinterest, but I’m happy with the result of my first attempt. 

The goal was several easy (to eat and prep) healthy new meals to eat. 

Sometimes I eat the same thing a few times in a day because healing hunger can be ravenous and it’s like two demanding jobs healing and cooking up to six meals a day. (Altho cooking can be healing it takes energy. ) 

So this was awesome. 

Anyway, enjoy! Here’s the no bake protein carrot cake from again

Love, Miko xo 

Here’s photographic evidence of my first attempt. I was mostly vegan (vega protein powder too) except the dairy. I used whole milk and regular cream cheese. 


Try Vegan Too, Cuz…


Okay, not a complete-sounding sentence. Let me paraphrase…

Trying vegan is a fun part of being flexitarian for me. 

Vegan cooking approaches tastes and textures in new ways that can add to my flexitarian diet. 

Those subtle tastes blended together to make vegetables without meat more palatable? (And more nutritious?) 

I like to use those ideas to add to my foodie experience. 

For example, bone broth as a base for sprouted lentil soup – or chilled bean soup. Make a batch and freeze the extra. 

I’m expanding my foodie vocabulary with a new approach to health after cancer. Maybe it’ll help prevent health issues in your life too! 

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That being said, I think beginners mind helps me get the most out of life – especially during times of massive change. 

(Massive change can still be approached gently!) 

So while I plan to share my recipes that work for playing caregiver and patient (with the help of many friends and a few strangers)… As many of us sometimes need to do… 

I would love if you shared your unique wisdom too! 

And always aim for delicious and nutritious … 

Even vegan if you’re a meat lover. 

Enjoy some unique vegan flavors at home or out some time if you haven’t already. 

Remember, not all food or taste buds are “equal” – exploring variety is fun, so is sticking to comfort food for dear life when a certain dish is all that will do! Listen to the bod! 

(And ask your body about Vegenation, haha.) 

As I end my blog post for today, I’m excited to share foodie perspective pictures below from Vegenation at the Eat Laugh Discover March event on St Patrick’s Day! 

This weekend I hope you enjoy your food and eat something delicious, delightful and nutrition – and newish! 


Miko xoxo 

All vegetarian …  

(Maybe I should reactivate my Yelp!)   

strawberries with chocolate and coconut flakes
vegenation strawberry dessert
vegetarian sushi with black rice
fun vegetarian sushi
bean dip and shitake slider vegenation
bean dip and shitake slider vegenation
vegetarian sweet potato quesadilla at vegenation
sweet potato quesadilla
miko enjoys lemon coconut water with chia seeds
miko enjoys lemon coconut water with chia seeds
vegetarian potstickers
vegetarian potstickers

Carrots Against Cancer


miko hargett during chemo with glass of carrot juicd
carrot juice with masticating juicer
The humble carrot that grows in the dirt has some powerful nurturing features for our health.

If you Google “carrots and cancer” you’ll find a lot of info about how carrots play a big role in fighting and preventing cancer. 
Carrots are sweet (glucose) so cancer cells like them and allow them in as fuel, also absorbing the nutrients that harm cancer cells.
I’ve done a lot of carrot smoothies – sometimes with Apple (the pectin helps fight cancer too) – and sometimes ginger. Smoothies are made in the blender. The extra fiber helps by binding to the toxins on its way out. (Make sure to drink lots of water too. Eat less at a time if it makes you feel bloated). 
When the carrot smoothie was too much for my body to process (I felt weak), then I drank carrot juice (using a masticating juicer). 
When I felt like taking a break from carrots (or anything), I did – forcing yourself can make it worse. Better to take time and find a way you don’t have to force yourself. Sometimes the body’s just overloaded and asking for a break.
I’ve experimented with “no-bake carrot snacks” too. I just google the term and play with ideas I like. 
I have a whole bunch of shredded carrots I plan to make no bake carrot protein cake with. I’ll tell you how it goes! 
Juice tip if you have a blender and no juicer – blend the carrots till they’re liquefied and then strain it. You can use the pulp for a snack. (Add lemon, apples, raisins for a cold fresh snack?) 
By the way, when it comes to food styles, I’m a flexitarian. I focus on eating natural whole foods, in a fun practical way, with energy being my primary goal followed closely by eating for regeneration – things like bone broth. Another topic. 
I think our bodies give us a lot of info we can use to find enjoyable ways to be healthy. So listen to your body, ask yourself new questions, and see how these food ideas work for you. Everyone’s different but we share our humanity and ability to to heal. 
After my diagnosis I researched how I was going to manage the experience and what kind of treatment I was going to go with. I decided to use everything. 
I was happy when I talked with my surgeon and she said the same thing – do it all! 
Food plays a big part, so I’ll share more of what worked for me in future posts! 
The link at the end of this post is chock full of information on carrots and related cancer protocols. I followed my own protocols, though, based on what I could and would do realistically.
“Everything in moderation, including moderation,” is one of my mottos. (Thank you Oscar Wilde!) 
Let me know how your carrot crusade goes or doesn’t! 
(Constructive and creative debate welcome. I know food is dear to many  hearts including my own and new ideas can be very helpful.)