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Meditate Like A Boss! Monday 8 Minute Meditation Miko Style with Fantasy Music

I’m known in small circles for my varied approach to meditation. The idea is to be present with a flow of thought and emotion – AND to make it easy for myself to find this place of flow. My vision is to create meditation circles online starting with sharing some of my favorites online – […]

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Surprise Aura Reading & Plate Balancing #health #update #amwriting #pictures

A surprise aura reading and plate balancing adventure after visiting the dr.

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Free Spirit Quiet Dance Meditation Coming out of my head. Dance is the destination and the journey. ~ Miko Building stamina, riding the sound waves for inertia. Fancying myself an After cancer dancer 💃🏻 #gratitude grooves #reckless #love #healing #energywork #bxcancer #ptsd #survivor #tao #mikocare #miko Exercise Dancing Free form Meditation Healing arts

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Dancing Meditation

Sometimes even for a wordy girl, words aren’t enough without movement. Welcome to a peak at my personal holistic healing practice. 💃🏻🙌🏻🦋

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Mandalay Bay ~ Las Vegas ~ Response from a Trauma & Breast Cancer Survivor, Martial Artist, Writer and Editor by trade #teamrubicon #streetteam #loveinaction

My heart and body shake with compassion for the people who are suffering. Anger, rage, fury, disassociation… depression, confusion – these are some of the feelings that come to mind. When the heart is in trauma, the body is in trauma. At some point that energy has to be expressed. We decide how we respond. […]