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Antinovel Starts Here: Bounceback Selfie, 11-11-2011

Flash forward to now – it’s a hot summer night in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s dark in my room except for the smart TV playing relaxing underwater scenes and I’m settled, in contrast to the selfie below, a whirlwind of clarifying moments (the tough kind!) as 2011 closed. Back then I lived in La Quinta, […]

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Dark Night, Bright Light

Good morning gorgeouses and handsomes! Hope you slept well or will soon. Something for you… from work on my portfolio. #allbymyselfies Dark night, bright light! Chiaroscuro* introspective insomnia selfie photography by yours truly. What do you think? Would you share it? Would you like to see more of this photoshoot? And my vault of a […]