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Social Media Campaign for Wits & Tits: A Novelette Using Prebuilt Marketing’s AIMI #ai

I know I am doing this a little backward – I haven’t announced that my novelette is finished, yet here I am talking about how I’m marketing her.

Because it’s just quite amazing. Check out this simple social media marketing content creation and posting process below, for a whole thirty-day campaign mind you.

Read on from my Facebook update:


#update #prebuiltapp #aimi Yesterday AIMI created 60 posts for the next thirty days to share Wits & Tits on some of my Facebook pages plus LinkedIn, and Twitter. She did it in less than a minute.

Editing & Scheduling: I took the next hour to review each one carefully in between giving myself a pedicure to rest my mind (I still need to upload the results of the color choice over on my Instagram @mikohargett!)

Then I clicked and clicked and published all 300* posts on a 30-day schedule thanks to the built-in recommendation engine.

*300 Math check:

60 Posts across 3 platforms with two extra facebook pages added to make a total of 5 locations:

300 posts created, proofread and posted in an hour scheduled at the most likely time of engagement.

That’s exposure. It’s also an extremely economical way to establish consistency for your online business presence.

Save time and money:
Save other people time and money:

Both options help to improve artificial intelligence content creation too, so don’t be shy! #machinelearning

Please think about it and let me know if you know anyone who could use this tool. (Or novelette!  )

This is a phenomenal opportunity – and the novelette I wrote below, well that’s pretty phenomenal too. It’s a huge labor of love that is part of my healing pact with myself and I humbly hope it makes it to your reading list.

Thank you so much, you rock.

AIMI for those who are new:

She writes and posts content for you at the likeliest times for engagement.


What did AIMI market for me again?
This novelette:
Wits & Tits: A Novelette
An Irreverent Breast Cancer Journey & A Very Odd but Honest Book Based on True Stories | MIKO HARGETT