Free Spirit Quiet Dance Meditation Coming out of my head. Dance is the destination and the journey. ~ Miko Building stamina, riding the sound waves for inertia. Fancying myself an After cancer dancer 💃🏻 #gratitude grooves #reckless #love #healing #energywork #bxcancer #ptsd #survivor #tao #mikocare #miko Exercise Dancing Free form Meditation Healing arts

James Joyce, Throwback Thursday

I was 15. At least I think I was.  We were studying literature from the Brittanica encyclopedia.  It was an old Red Cross building. Old like I found newspapers from the '40s when I went with the cleaning team. It was our own school. Sometimes later I would call it Hogwartz because it wasn't a … Continue reading James Joyce, Throwback Thursday

Wacky Wednesday Writing

It feels more like a landing than a launch, I said.  He said a landing takes more skill.  That's a good point, I thought.  I remember flying in a simulator on a visit to Luke Airforce Base years ago. I landed very smoothly off the runway. I thought I had aimed correctly but what I … Continue reading Wacky Wednesday Writing

Transparency Tuesday

I feel I’ve been bouncing around a lot in my writing (but maybe it’s just my mind!), and maybe some of you new to my story might be wondering what’s going on. (Sometimes I wonder too. :P) So just a quick recap of where I’m at in life: Recently cancer free - hoorah! On May … Continue reading Transparency Tuesday

Thoughtful Thursdays – Scary Stories

Alliteration continues for this week anyway - in my titles at least. I keep thinking about how to write my story - and then I remember it’s not just a story but it’s stories, which makes it seem different somehow - and then I remember I’ve already written a lot of it. Thursday is not … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays – Scary Stories

Welcome Wednesday 

It's Wednesday, so with alliteration fast becoming one of the candidates for my core values...  I wanted to talk about writing. With a W! Many times I write with my right pointer finger on my phone in Evernote.  So I posted a fantastic article from copyblogger about first drafts which were so rough for me … Continue reading Welcome Wednesday