My Breast Cancer Recovery GoFundMe

It has been a lot to juggle. My writer self is returning after much practice on Facebook during this time I figure out my energy and new way of being. I may be ambitious attempting #nanowrimo this year with pending radiation treatment, sure. But it feels right to forge ahead in the spirit of at … Continue reading My Breast Cancer Recovery GoFundMe

I chose silence #ticktockbangbang 

I chose my silence But tick tock Because confession, Conversation, It's all copulation, Tick tock. And when I die I'll haunt your dreams With my monologues, Tick tock. Tick tock. My sisters will rise. Other brothers too. They'll say tick tock. They'll say bang bang too. Bang bang to you. That's the future of shame. Maybe … Continue reading I chose silence #ticktockbangbang 

#tictockbangbang #hybridmedia #socpoetry

He threw a chair towards me A stool.  Bang bang.  But it wouldn't leave his hands.  I froze his time.  Bang bang.  There was the institution to my left, off in the distance.  It was 1997.  Tick tock.  Bang bang.  It was green and cold and warm and the scent of a million screams that were … Continue reading #tictockbangbang #hybridmedia #socpoetry