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#nanowrimo starts in 7 days…

img_5351This year I am doing some new things. I feel finally ready to embrace plotting over pantsing. Organizing my work ahead of time over winging it and letting the story unfold as I write.

Last few years my mind has resembled more a herd of wild horses following the thunderous bellows of an unseen dragon.

To me, this is not a call for plodding, but for pantsing. And so I heeded the call and ran like the horses and the gusty wind. Well, my fingers did.

I found my plodding role model in Darynda Jones, New York Times best selling author and earner of other grand awards such as the Golden Heart and RITA. Phenomenal approach. I #nanowrimo webinar with Reedsy on Youtube.

I am now a ploooooooottttter! 

Also because while I have been writing and drawing for close to 4 decades – or since I could hold a pencil – or perhaps it was chopsticks! – I feel that the breast cancer and chemo and other challenges I invited into my life may have rebooted me into a serious beginner’s mind like I have not known before.

BYE BYE OLD STORY PLAN! I decided to toss out my whole old story idea that many of you know I have been holding close to my heart and conversations for many years. (My mind and heart and mouth are connected beyond reason sometimes – another conversation for another time).

The reason being, sometimes those blankies and narratives become too small – or perhaps even too smelly for the wash – and they just need to get burned up so something else can replace them. Something bigger, better, warmer, cooler, more perfect for now.

Yep, bye bye old idea and old plan. You were born to die. Thank you for what you did for me.

More questions. Along with that, last night I questioned whether novel writing was even a good idea for me. I have toyed more with the idea of adding novel techniques to non-fiction and documentation in a way that makes for better user engagement, etc. Maybe later.

But after discussing with a good writerly friend – sweet fiction seemed the way to go. Yep, not sure you will ever hear my full story as an autobiography. It’s just not very Geminian really – in my recent discoveries and maybe part of the reason I had so much resistance to it.

As soon as I decided on that, my mindset completely changed into one I felt at peace with.

And that, is always my goal as a writer. Whatever story I tell, whatever message I share or communicate for myself (or others as a ghost writer or communication consultant), I want to develop the right mindset and heart space so that the words take on a life of their own and lead the readers into a new world that enhances the one that they live in.

Other preparations such as food, personal care, simple as possible for me please. I am glad that I have fingers to type, a soul that writes, and a mind that is okay with changing – beyond okay actually, I embrace it.

And that’s where I’m at with my prep for #nanowrimo2016!

Sketching ideas before digitizing makes planning digital experience a tactile experience!

October Theme #nanowrimo #preptime

This month I will be preparing for November’s National Novel Writing Month.

Also known as #nanowrimo.

We call ourselves rhinos.

Fifty thousand words in a month to win.

If I participate this year, it will be my fourth year.

Twice I have won. The first time I just showed up. I think I did approximately 13,000 words but perhaps not quite.

Last year I did it during the final weeks of chemo.

And where are these novels now?

What an excellent question.



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Journal writing

Crookedly Profound Harmony with Miko

Many of you know the plan is, like life, a crookedly profound harmony.

It is a magical storytelling circle that is going on at all times. It’s like a poem or a prayer – if you like, but something that comes from the heart primarily.

Then maybe the mind can help too.

We read stories everywhere. We hear them all the time. We listen to some we like. We remember even fewer. We remember the ones that touch us where we feel joy.

So in times of challenge – or ease – what if we could write our future? What if we were in charge and had the power to imagine something outrageous and realistic,

Then why not use the storytelling framework to tell new stories? The ones that are not past or future but are just the ones we love to tell. The ones that make our hearts swell.

The ones that are not about past or future but are just the ones we love to tell. The ones that make our hearts swell just to tell.

Some people like to hold a book. Some like to hold a device. Some people go back and forth.

But everyone has at least one story they like or don’t like.

Stories for everyone, all mediums. Everyone should have a chance to share the stories that light them up. No matter what language. Angry Birds was an amazing testament to that, being a super popular game with picture instructions.

What about my own story though? I feel like it’s best to share solutions that I have taken for a spin myself, because then I know I have tested them rigorously.

So as some of you know, I decided to start exploring this idea under many pen names (pseudonyms) and characters. The reason being, we are so multifaceted and I don’t think we get to express those sides of ourselves very much. How could we if there’s no framework for us to feel safe being the other sides of us, much less encouragement to explore what is outside of the realm of normalcy?

Story Characters, Streams of Consciousness, Kindness on Tumblr

An important part of any story is its characters.

Who is telling the story? Why? For now, Miko Hargett is. On my Facebook, a little other stuff leaks out. I have other buckets for my other categories of crazy online.

Sometimes I forget that I am writing a story at all and I just live it – this is me, being the story of me. It’s hard, being that we are all about doing.

Writing can bridge the gap between being and doing, and let me remind you again I am all about stream of consciousness* as a way of exploring things that really challenge us – like myself. 😉

* stream of consciousness: 

In literary criticism, stream of consciousness, also known as interior monologue, is a narrative mode or device that depicts the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind. ( From 


On Facebook primarily, but also on Twitter when Facebook gets slow – I share thoughts that pop into my head because technology allows that to be enough to communicate and connect with someone.

The Interwebs, as I like to call the Internet and World Wide Web, is like a humongous brain that we are all tapped into.

This is an incredible resource that we have created in spite of our other skirmishes with life – to create goodness.

Since I was 15 and I learned about James Joyce’ Ulysses – I loved the concept. Virgina Woolf’s writing too. With all I have been through the last few years and then this year especially with cancer recovery – my brain doesn’t recall things that are not critical to healing. Interesting, isn’t it?

With all I have been through the last few years and then this year especially with cancer recovery – my brain doesn’t recall things that are not critical to healing. Interesting, isn’t it?

This means it is very challenging to focus. My body rejects things that are not “critical” – even stress vibes.

But it also means that following my mind around as I share what is on it, on the Interwebs, means that when people I knew didn’t know how to help me, there were people on the Interwebs that did.

Years ago I found encouragement and comfort on and Once I posted a selfie of me that said,

Will you love me with my dark side? Lyrics from Kelly Clarkson I think.

Someone responded,

Because of it. 

I could sleep.

So is a good place for love and hopeless places – but also for crookedly profound fun that comes from the heart’s depths and the mind’s heights.

Sharing Socially …

After all that backstory, this is how my crookedly profound harmony moment finally came about.

It’s been two weeks since I posted here. I clicked on the Sharing section to make sure I am still sharing my pearls with appropriate networks.

  • – yes but only publish to my Miko Hargett page. Check.
  • – yes because Twitter can get moving. It’s data-rich and the Tweethearts are used to processing information quickly. It’s easy going and super useful.
  • Google Plus – Of course!
  • Tumblr. Screeech. Do I need another digital asset? Really? Tumblr is super cool though, they are about freedom of speech and being classy about it. It’s a great way to share neat information and feel cool about it. Haha.

Done. So I began the easy peasy Tumblr prompts to getting started. I figure I’m going to go with Miko Hargett of course, because branding, etc.

But then tumblr offers a list of usernames that I can change at any time…

Dun dun dun! Self expression! What sort of suggestions do we have here…


Tumblr knows me so well.

Done! Hahaha. is now live and connected to my and Twitter and also my blog. Feel free to follow and tumblr with me.

More, more, more soon

Next story coming to you eventually …

Crossing Last Night’s Bloat Moat 

A story about feeling bloated while on a bunch of medications and why it matters. 





Cancer writing

Fun Bag Friday & Copy Cat Stuff

Fun bag Friday pics coming soon! 

I decided to go with a small D / full C – like I was before, well except the times I was a B or DD or when nursing, F! 

Especially in case I have radiation – which I’m hoping not – and because I’m a complete responder for chemo (negative path report!) I get to have that conversation. Fortunate! 

But I feel like I’m being stretched out and also my arms not used to boobs being there so they keep bumping. 

In any case, the politicals have been entertaining and I’m way outside of my comfort zone – something I enjoy tremendously if smiles are indicators. 

Actually it’s just more energy efficient to be chipper and feels better, lol. 

Anyway, the following is a little something I wrote up yesterday – part of my stream of consciousness writing, which was on my bucket list I realized after becoming fascinated with it when I read aboot Janes Joyce’ Ulysses. I never did get through it but the whole idea was brilliant to me. 

On the topic of copywriting but I’m gonna start with copy cats. Love cats. 

So … I’m sure we will talk more about this later but 

Tata for now,


Memo to me: The Best Copy Cats
My Copy Cats Copywriting Concept

I really want to have something named copy cats but in a good way – because cats are amazing – and copywriting is a big thing – and I think a nice spin on copying is…. 

* twirls… 


Original copy – short for the words that are written to inspire someone to take action, otherwise known as copywriting. 

And where you must have an writer, you must have an editor. 

So copywriting includes copyediting – preferably by another set of eyes. 

Sometimes you can sleep on your writing and have something like another set of eyes. Especially not anything like the eyes on another human body. 

Ideally this person is an expert in the language that best communicates the information that helps the reader achieve success in enjoyment or fulfillment of some task that the information helps them with. 

I’m going to drill down on expert. 

Right now expert is something anyone can really say because technically no one is better at being you than you even when you are at your “worst”. 

So you’re an expert at something regardless. 

But again with the external focus, we look to the outside world to validate our expert status in a way that sustains our breath, 

And there we give a little powers way. 

Oh but we don’t freely talk aboot the smaller shifts in power because they’re not important. 

And we are so far from ourselves sometimes that we gravitate towards anything that soothes our souls, 

Never minding that we keep the balances by poisoning ourselves just enough as a reward so that our mental health suffers and we cannot even tell except that suddenly our world looks scary … 

Especially the things that are close up. 

When mental health suffers, a part of you dies a little. But remember, we shed skin, hair, words, water, poop. 

Parts of us die in tiny ways all the time. The more we suffer about it, the more we die.

The more we allow ourselves to find in death a connection to the infinite, and there see things a little better, a little more clearly. 

Because whenever one of us dies they take with them our pain and grief and poison. 

But we can refuse to let it go and we can also recreate the sorrow. 

Or we can let our souls taste the divinity of eternity even as a concept. 

If your faith can’t bring you to believe in the concept of an afterlife, I don’t blame you. 

I’ve not been wowed by the journey or the example or even the idea of heaven as presented to me. 

So vague. So far. So distant. 

There are believers who believe – and there are people who cling to the semantics that hold together beliefs that  no longer work – it’s a very convoluted energy. 

So when a big part of my life was praying with people who were perfectly happy Buddhists in my opinion, getting them to ask Jesus in their hearts, I cringed. 

I didn’t think Jesus minded them being the way they were. 

And I thot it was silly to count souls that I knew where people praying with me because I was little and cute.

That felt wrong. 

I understand about seeds being planted etc. 

But surely we could have a classier way of going aboot this like wealthy with a cause instead of me asking people to donate food.

Other times I didn’t care at all. 

But anytime I felt unjustly treated, and mistreated sometimes too, all those thoughts came running back. The feelings too. 

I’m pretty sure I was never very normal. Sometimes I forgot aboot it, but if I wasn’t busy my mind was always looking for engagement.

Once I went to another house. It was called The Combo. 

Huge place, lots of kids. Exciting. 

I think I was 8 by now because I was happy to go play with the other kids instead of babysitting. 

The kids were playing daddy and mommy.

Oh come on. Lol. 

So I found some other kids watching cartoons. 

Maybe it was Fox & the Hound. 

To be continued … 

Oh what the heck… 

I think 345cc on top  & 450 at  bottom of pic.  
300ccs plus 450ccs = too big for me  

story writing

James Joyce, Throwback Thursday

I was 15. At least I think I was. 

We were studying literature from the Brittanica encyclopedia. 

It was an old Red Cross building. Old like I found newspapers from the ’40s when I went with the cleaning team.

It was our own school. Sometimes later I would call it Hogwartz because it wasn’t a normal school. It was very private. Like our own world. 

But the Brittanica had now entered our world. 

And now we were learning about Alexander Pope and John Donne and most importantly (to me) James Joyce. 

I liked learning about them and their writing. I liked alliteration. But I loved the concept of stream-of-consciousness writing that I learned about in James Joyce’s Ulysses. 

stream of con·scious·ness
noun: stream of consciousness; plural noun: streams of consciousness; modifier noun: stream-of-consciousness
a person’s thoughts and conscious reactions to events, perceived as a continuous flow. The term was introduced by William James in his Principles of Psychology (1890).
a literary style in which a character’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions are depicted in a continuous flow uninterrupted by objective description or conventional dialogue. James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Marcel Proust are among its notable early exponents.

(Definition from Google) 

I eagerly tried it, happy to start playing with the idea and making it my own. 

Just a small problem. I didn’t feel I could write what I was thinking. 

It bothered me that I didn’t want to write my thoughts. A lot. 

One day I would. In the meantime, I’d write books in my head. If I got real good at understanding my consciousness and what compelled me, one day I could write my books in real life. I suppose publishing was a more accurate goal. I’d publish my thoughts from memory. 

Because it’s all in there, right? Just a matter of accessing it. One day. 

This mental writing of my personal journey was encouraged more by ideas like automatic writing. I saw that in the TV show Alias when an agent had information coded into her mind. 

Virginia Woolf inspired me too. And other artists like photographer Diane Arbus. Araki was another one. 

The magic in the mundane, the raw, honest depictions of fringe societies and activities. 

Mostly I would forget about this idea. I’ve even created characters to oversee the work in my head. I’d think of it every now and then, usually when I needed to express something. Still, mostly I didn’t feel it was that compelling to bring to fruition. 

But some intentions seem to come to life. 

Twenty years later, like Anais Nin wrote… 

…the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. – Anaïs Nin

And what a day that was. 

me during chemo in late 2015
me during chemo in late 2015

When I’m better … More stories!