Change Your Story

I tried never to be a drama queen, but I decided I didn’t care anymore. I’d rather find a way to live – and maybe if I succeeded in doing that, I could share it with others. Survived a self-induced trip to ICU, drastic changes in life and work and there I was one night having escaped a bad situation only to find myself again terrified. I grabbed my leather jacket and my fedora, put on my Payless furry boots and took off running with my phone and music playing. It was February. San Mateo to San Carlos. At night… A homeless man stopped me. The cops stopped me.

The homeless man offered me a cigarette. The cops offered me a ride home.

My story was about finding love in a hopeless place. Love for me. It’s where it begins. I hoped it would keep me through that night and many more. So far so good.

Roleplay & Storytelling for Change

How to change your story – Trailer

This is a solution that works for people who have little time and energy and a big challenge that seems insurmountable, possibly even elusive.

For me, that challenge was life. I went from generally anxious to fearless to panic stricken, frozen in my body while life was unraveling around me. I had to step outside myself to save myself by telling stories. True stories. Old stories. New stories. Bedtime stories. Horror stories, even.

Storytelling for change is an extremely powerful way to make the changes you’ve wanted to make but have been looking for the right time and way. The value is priceless.

Roleplay is a big part of it. This isn’t role play with costumes (well sometimes it helps)… this is exploring alternate roles, mindsets, opening your mind to new possibilities by seeing through new(ish) eyes – and changing simple physical things to let your new story unfold.

  • For: People who are in a place where something must change soon!
  • Duration: 6 weeks (work with me at your own pace – results can be even sooner)
  • Format: Customized / Personal (Email, Skype, Google Hangout, Webinar)
  • Commitment: Show up, build your story with the support provided. No special time off work or family obligations necessary.
  • Requirements: Ideally a smart phone and / or computer.
  • Cost: $5,000

The following topics will be covered:

  • Beginning new story concepts
  • Fueling and nurturing your own imagination
  • Setting strong intentions
  • The power of music in your story
  • Improved awareness & attention to new details
  • Dealing with internal conflict with humor and visualization
  • Creating physical practices that support your story (eating, moving, activities)
  • Documenting and sharing your story

And more as we go, plus some storytelling for entertainment and ideas!

This is a powerful and simple approach to change using creativity, love and steps that are so easy to implement they can become second nature even when you feel totally lost.

Once you learn these principles they are yours for life and will translate into any area of life and work you want. It really is kind of like magic, which brings me to one of my favorite quotes:

“Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C Clarke

I think of this as my no holds barred solution – no matter what happens, as long as I can think, I can recreate my reality by telling a new story. Truthfully.

BONUS: Previews of material from my new series, Wits & Tits – about cults and the rest of the world, adult entertainment, alternative living and breast cancer!

Until the button shows up, if you’re in, email miko hargett at gmail!