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Breast Cancer takes a lot out of a person – sometimes everything but their beautiful legacy. I am fortunate to have the privilege of still walking this earth two-legged, as that beautiful passage goes.

I am trying to do triple duty and automating as much as I can. The less I have to think the more energy my body has to heal.

Priority is my health and my care and sharing my journey of healing in hopes of inspiring other people who end up in life’s “sh* creek” for one reason or another and don’t feel like saying sh to their heart.

I am doing what I can to inspire peeps to live their own truth by living my own colorful one. If I can collaborate with you, please let me know and in time I know we will connect!

How you can help if you only have a little time, money or faith…

Please tell me how life or I have made you smile, take another breath, get inspired or can help you do those things with joy and more joy. I may blend these stories with mine. If you’d like ghost writing services for 2018 – please let me know that too!

2017 – I am unemployed, but I am wealthy in love, time and experience in many relevant things. I am happy to share as I can online – and hope to join the world wide rave of kindness and start a wake of ripples and waves unique to my experience with the kindness of friends and strangers.

To help me out financially through the rest of my reconstruction and see updates as I go from head to heart and body and write about it, please visit my Go Fund Me page. 

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