Welcome to Miko Care, my life after breast cancer.

In early 2016 after traditional chemo had ended, I started this blog to write my way through the rest of breast cancer treatment. I wanted to get everything off my chest literally and figuratively. I took back my maiden name on social media. I let myself show up raw and messy, learning as I went.

I reassessed my belief system, my eating, my personal habits, my way of being with the world, resolving to change everything I could with the intention of healing from the inside out what no longer served my healthiest state.

This beautiful rose represents all the unique layers of healing I have experienced in all areas of my life as I rebuild my health and wealth. It was made and gifted to me by a friend for my vision of Mammary Lane, a place we can go for healing no matter where we come from. I hope I can show my friends more how much I cherish them, even when I’m lost or hiding in a corner of Mikoopolis, my inner space. Maybe you are hiding too.

When I’d experience surges of energy over the last few years during treatments I’d write my heart out, posting on Facebook for engagement, to know I wasn’t alone – or maybe it was to feel that. Healing can feel so lonely. I promised myself I’d use all my creativity to learn how to improve the patient experience.

Hope comes to me with inspiration, that maybe together we can create a better experience for those of us who fall ill, and maybe I can be a part of that.

If my vision calls to you or you’re curious, please subscribe and join me in co-creating health and wealth as individuals and as a community one good idea at a time.

To our improved health!