Seated Dance Meditation for Global Sexual Healing #meditation #healing

This is my response to the space that is being made for a planet’s sexual healing. We are clear on what is wrong – but what is beneficial to us now? Here’s what has helped me process and heal layers of trauma. Seated Dance Meditation for Healthy Sexuality 8m56s #movementmeditation Above is a link to my playful,…

Would this book cover interest you? #bookideas #confessions

Raw, poetic, unapologetic account of the alternative life of a modern mystic. 📚 It was 2013 and my muse said in my head, here’s a book title: “Confessions of a Closet Mystic.” 📖 I had asked the big U(niverse) after a life coach class to know who I was. 📖 You can ask yourself things….

Dearest readers, you complete me #haiku #thankyou

Not a book just yet Although books will come – till then, Words, pictures, thought, love. Thank you for your time, Presence, attention, feedback, Reading, thinking, love. May you gain something – Enjoyment, experience, Knowledge, clarity. You complete me. #haiku #poetry #story #freeverse #readers #appreciation #thankyoureaders #intention #writerslife #writer #amwriting #knowledge

Loving the story #throwbackthursday #haiku #freeverse

Loving my story – Messy, contradictory Full of deep dive love. After every painful accounting I come back to the same conclusion; I wouldn’t change a thing I love, And since love is a connector, I’d keep it all; I might not be here experiencing you – Or here to feel you experience me; I…

Memo to me #mirrordance #writerslife

Great mirror dance in your torn jeans and black tunic. Girllll. I especially liked the dedication of this as launch victory dance for #joinprebuiltmarketing which has come along at just the right time for me and many others who want to increase effectiveness and efficiency. And have more time to dance. (It’s right here: Do…