If You Choose an Awakened Woman~

This came across my Facebook feed today and reminded me about the state of sex these days and courting ~ romance even ~ tantra ... It's a big topic and one I am still working on ~ but our culture's sexuality I think could use some inspiration. Why not imagine a better experience, I figured. …


if i were God – i would tell more than one story

well, maybe. but also maybe Jesus - because the apple falleth not far from the tree. but as one of the creations imagining myself as my creator - according to some lol i would suck people’s brains out through my special data systems in the air and then vomit it back onto them through water, …


Very much so! Perhaps now more than ever. So what shall we make and how?

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

It becomes stunningly obvious how malleable reality is when artists begin using words/brushstrokes/code/sculpture to instantiate entire universes and lifetimes.  Some of those ideas become story, others become cars/houses/every manufactured thing our eyes take for the dullness of everyday life.  

If you are ever bored, all you have to do is look around with an unveiled mind and clear eyes; it becomes inescapably obvious that our lives are built on imagination and whimsy.

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Daily Prompt: Lofty

Good morning! I love this daily prompt. (Lofty defined on Merriam-Webster's site here.) So apropos too. I was looking at lofts again recently. I absolutely love lofts - this alone I think makes me lofty in a sense. I find the vertical space delicious.     But also I have a lofty view of things. Like …

My Phlebotomist Friend #realstories #cancer #beingmortal

A little while ago I saw an Asian woman when I went to get my blood work done. Her husband was battling liver cancer last year and we had talked about alternative remedies. She asked me how I was and I said well, I am still alive. Then suddenly I wondered how her husband was. …