Plant Medicine | Whole Plant Supplements for Your Well Being

Whole Plant supplements that many including me have benefitted from!

Gut Health – You deserve excellent gut health. Plant enzymes designed to break down all your food into easily digestible nutrition can only make things better! At least that’s been my experience. A flatter stomach, regular bowel movements (in spite of medication that does the opposite) and more nutrients out of my food? Win, win, win. Want to learn more? Visit my link here.

Pain – It’s no secret, pain is one of the top four health complaints, and pain medication can cause problems. Many including yours truly, saw a big reduction in pain taking a highly absorbable water-based full spectrum CBD fluid. That and a supplement created for recovery and ideal for athletes or those recovering from surgery (huge change from the surgery before when I didn’t take it).

Anxiety – Lots of things can be a source of anxiety, another top health complaint. I realized I could retrain my nervous system by letting it experience the natural relief that a highly absorbable Cannabidiol (CBD) can give to my body’s endocannabinoid system which is made to process CBD. The feeling for me was a gentle de-escalation and release of tension.

Weight Loss – Imagine, a delicious coffee or chocolate with fat burners, appetite suppressant and amino acids! Let me introduce you to the source for your new mojo!

Have I piqued your interest? Can’t wait to hear all about it? Go ahead and PM me on messenger for the link and answers to your questions!