Communicating with purpose,  creativity and integrity. 

Quirky is currency. If you would like original, unique writing that solves a problem, inspires a result, or helps communicate a complex or challenging message, we might work well together. 

Or maybe we share interests and values and would like to collaborate on a project just to go on the journey together. 

I have IT experience, worked with programmers/developers, SMEs, business analysts and strategists to communicate information that would be beneficial to the end users. 


I anticipate scenarios and needs readers may have so I can craft a document with relevant information in a way that’s easy to understand. 

I tell stories. Real, raw, memorable stories. The ones that need to be told. 

Do you have a memoir in you? A collection of stories? Documentation? Something that you’d really like people to read? 

Whatever your writing needs, I’m here with a big heart, wicked creative mind, a love of language and almost 40 years of imagination, communication and story telling. 

On three continents. 

Let’s make magic happen with words. 

Personal Training 

I am currently offering phone or Skype consultations for motivation and program design (what to do for your workouts). 

Motivation is the biggest thing. Don’t ruin exercise for yourself by going too hard or doing things you really dislike that are not sustainable. 

Learn to enjoy your body’s capacity for motion, and develop it using some of my simple methods for keeping exercise on the menu. 

Highly customized for you. Your pace and energy level. 

If you want a new exercise experience or to have a guide to help you determine your healthiest journey, let me know on the contact page. 

Solutions Design 

I like being a part of designing solutions that make life easier for  people in transition. 

I’ve worked with people since I started babysitting at eight years old. I enjoy helping people find their strength and joy, by finding practical ways to make those moments possible more often. 

Using my knowledge and experience working with people from different cultures and industries, I enjoy being a part of the efforts to give our humanity a boost. 

These are usually longer projects and relationship based. 

If you’re interested in working with me in this capacity, let me know on the contact page. 

More coming soon…