If you are interested in sponsoring me and my recovery which includes creative constructive experiences that change lives, I am looking for the following to continue my recovery and #writerslife

Why Las Vegas? Because my breast cancer reconstruction will likely be over by February 2018 – because Las Vegas has been an incredible home to my recovery both as a domestic crisis survivor as well as a breast cancer survivor.

Because Las Vegas is international. I was born in Kyoto, Japan, raised in Thailand, traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and MyanMar (Burma then) as a young girl. I have lived in the US for 20 years now – mind, fingers and body dancing between California (North and South), Texas (Dallas, Lewisville), Arizona (Mesa, Litchfield Park) and now Las Vegas, Nevada.

I love Farm to Table, Farmer’s Markets, adventure and activity, writing, alternative to integrative health, laughing and interesting conversation.

This is what I would like my next period of time in Las Vegas to be. Exploring the part of Las Vegas in a way that honors what brings me joy – that joy that overflows onto those around me.

If you would like to be a part of turning things around that really matter – like education for children outside of school that helps them do better at school, making things better for entertainment and caregiving professions, creating intentional communities that support humanity’s transition economically –

And if you have the resources to help – please contact me at miko hargett at gmail – forms will be coming soon to make it easier.

Beautiful Travel Accommodations, Las Vegas

September 25 through February 25 2018

A beautiful place to write, heal, create and share.


Amazing Food and Nutrition – Eating for Joy and Performance

Hashimoto’s friendly eats – I will review, recommend and write.



Communications and Creations Devices

I like iOS.

iPhone for writing on the go, communicating with sponsors and team

9″ iPad with keyboard and pencil – or a Microsoft Surface.


Writers – technical, copywriters, ghost writers, creative writers – if you like my style.


Fitness and Wellness for Recovering Survivors and Beyond

I like the idea that we are all athletes. Surviving challenges and trauma from cancer or other traumatic experiences to the mind, body and spirit is something I would like to celebrate. We are life’s olympic athletes. Anything we can get to support and endorse the transformation of a difficult situation into a joyful healing and recovery is something I would like to support.


Product Sponsorship

I want to reward positivity by addressing negativity and replacing it with something constructive. Step by step. From the heart. I have vision. You have successful products, businesses, and resources.


Health Insurance or Health Sharing

This is pivotal. I have experience with Medicaid, self-pay, not-pay, and some health insurance. I would like to lead a collaborative effort to create health hubs for preventative and maintenance healthcare which, if designed correctly, should fill in the gaps of crisis health care.

I keep thinking Humana. I am also open to Health Cost Sharing.

Step by step we make progress. Thank you for helping me get up and walk again, figuratively speaking, and find positive ways to redirect the energy that comes with pain and transformation.

I’ll add more as I think of it. Your logo will go under the corresponding section above, and we can talk about reviews and joint content creation. 

If you’d simply like to help me with a donation, here is my current GoFundMe campaign.