Reality and Why We Are Alive – Comments on Neal’s Video

Good morning gorgeous and hello handsome! Some of you might like this 11 minute and change explanation to frame society’s conversations with. with Miko while nurturing a big love This is a profound message I want to talk more with you about in coming videos maybe. It’s also a hell of a strategy because […]

Exploring the sacred space of creation | Age of the Magician, technological age from Like Stories of Old channel I watch YouTube intuitively. This came up today. Explores the sacred space of creation, suggests we are living in the age of the magician 🎩 a technological age. This reminds me of sci-fi writer Arthur C Clarke’s third law or adage: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from […]

#lovesexsensuality Repost from 

I’m a method writer.  My causes are:  – comfort in life and death  – childhood and family development  – storytelling for change in distressed industries  – promoting more comprehensive sexual education for the public  – free education through storytelling collaborations  The sky is the limits beginning.  But that mainstream people have such an unsexy attitude […]