Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar

Today's stop at inflation station was brief.  I asked the nurse if it was normal to feel tired after what seemed like a simple procedure.  It's mental exhaustion more. I'm physically a little sore but by the time I get home I'm starting to feel zoned out.  She reminded me I've been through a lot … Continue reading Fun Bag Friday, Food & Cooking Webinar

Friday Fun Bag Inflation

That suggestion was brought to me by the marvelous one, who liked Tata Tuesday and offered "Fun Bags" to go with Friday. Because alliteration! (I'm almost over it - I think.)  Anyway, today I was picked up by a volunteer from American Cancer Association's Road to Recovery program, I think it's called. Volunteers take people … Continue reading Friday Fun Bag Inflation

Successful Breast Inflation

It was a Tata Tuesday for me and my new girls, hooray! - Meaning my tatas did get inflated by another 50ccs.  Can you tell? Here are my before and afters.  Boy, I'm tired. Lol. I should be bouncing off the walls soon but right now, the hate never made it but this turtle did. … Continue reading Successful Breast Inflation