Reality and Why We Are Alive – Comments on Neal’s Video

Good morning gorgeous and hello handsome! Some of you might like this 11 minute and change explanation to frame society’s conversations with. with Miko while nurturing a big love This is a profound message I want to talk more with you about in coming videos maybe. It’s also a hell of a strategy because … Continue reading Reality and Why We Are Alive – Comments on Neal’s Video

Rebirth of a Woman

I'm being reborn. It squeezes my body to know this. But I squeeze back.

Coffee & Mo’ – Author of What Now?

Image & Words: Miko HargettI'm still too frightened to put novelist as a bio even though I have written more than one novel, have several drafts in the works, including some in a magical factory in Mikoopolis. But I feel ok with using author now. Even when I'm being my worst enemy I can still … Continue reading Coffee & Mo’ – Author of What Now?

Thank You 🙏 Readers!

Delighted to see this milestone. 😃 Thank you for your Likes. Have a great day! - M 💋 #blogging #amwriting #cocreating

Free Spirit Quiet Dance Meditation Coming out of my head. Dance is the destination and the journey. ~ Miko Building stamina, riding the sound waves for inertia. Fancying myself an After cancer dancer 💃🏻 #gratitude grooves #reckless #love #healing #energywork #bxcancer #ptsd #survivor #tao #mikocare #miko Exercise Dancing Free form Meditation Healing arts

Give Me Authentic

What exactly is authenticity? How, in transformation, do we separate authenticity from pretense?