Testimonial of Self-Care & Integrative Health

In my battle with cancer, I had an epiphany: the cancer, in its relentless pursuit of life, wanted the same thing I did. If I died, it died. It wasn’t about fighting an enemy; it was about finding harmony.


My name is Miko, and this realization about harmony became my guiding light. Diagnosed with cancer during the emotional upheaval of a divorce, I was drawn to long walks and introspective conversations. These moments of reflection pushed me to choose a treatment path that was true to my beliefs and my newfound understanding of harmony.


One introspective day, lying on my bed, a profound realization washed over me. This disease, as aggressive as it seemed, had a simple desire: life. This understanding shifted my perspective. Instead of viewing cancer as an adversary, I saw an opportunity for harmony. I didn’t need more conflict; I needed alignment within my mind, body, and spirit.


Though unfamiliar with the term “integrative health,” it mirrored my instinctual approach to healing. My surgeon’s words, suggesting a combination of all available healing modalities, resonated deeply. I began to feel I was worth the effort, deserving of every possible avenue to health. From acupuncture, aromatherapy, and breathwork to chemo, radiation, and surgeries, I embraced them all. Each practice, each encounter, whether alternative or conventional, became a step towards my holistic healing. I adopted an integrative approach while I also sought to integrate the parts of me I had lost touch with.


In less than a year, my cancer had retreated, and I showed no evidence of the disease. But the journey didn’t end there. As treatments concluded and life resumed, I delved deeper into self-care, learning to love myself more profoundly.


My story is more than a battle with cancer; it’s a testament to the power of self-care using an integrative approach. I hope my journey inspires you, wherever you are in life, to embrace every healing opportunity. By nurturing ourselves, our love overflows, touching everyone we meet. Let’s love ourselves deeply, so we’re better equipped to love the world.

Much love,