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Welcome to Miko Care, super creative personal adventures in health & wealth after breast cancer.

Welcome to Miko Care by Miko Hargett, my life after breast cancer.

In early 2016 after my preoperative chemo had ended, I started this blog to write my way through the rest of breast cancer treatment or at least try. I wanted to get everything off my chest literally and figuratively. I invented Miko Hargett. I used my nick name and took back my maiden name on social media. I let myself show up raw and messy, learning as I went, disregarding marketing and writing rules, just being with my feelings big and small and having the freedom to be.

Now it is time to bring it together.

During my treatments I reassessed my belief system, my eating (Flexitarian!), my personal habits (speaking up more!), my way of healing, resolving to change everything I could with the intention of healing from the inside out what no longer served my healthiest state. I documented myself with selfies, a practice I’ve called All By My Selfies, and committed to doing whatever felt most like healing.

Five years later I have No Evidence of Disease (NED) and I continue to heal via reconstruction.

Plant Medicine | Whole Plant Supplements for Your Well Being

First of all, I like to start with actionable items. Do look forward to information on quality whole plant supplements to help with gut health, pain, anxiety and more! I feel privileged to have come across some plant medicine in supplement form that I used to recover from my last surgery that I can share with you. Think plant enzymes, a water based full spectrum CBD fluid with high absorbability, and cellular renewal through natural vitamin E!

Miko’s World of Wellness Podcast Coming Soon!

Part of my approach to healing: The Foot Selfie while grounding or earthing.

What else? Miko’s World of Wellness. I found out last year (the infamous 2020) that I enjoy doing podcasts (see episodes of The Love of Business)! My plan is to bring you information from my health journey to you via podcasts where I hope to feature things I’ve learned and experts in those things. Like life, there may be surprises as we go!

Be Well!