Welcome (The Recap)

Welcome! I am recovering from breast cancer.

Invasive ductal carcinoma, HER2+, 3 tumors in one breast! On Super Bowl Weekend 2016 I had a total mastectomy. I now have barbie boobs.


The barbie boobs (tissue expanders that make room for the implants) will be going through radiation. I will be there too.

Humor has been my friend through many challenging situations – and I want to share that and my life lessons with you. I love people, and have taken care of babies, kids, big kids, grown kids – and I was a caregiver for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Curiosity kills the cat, they say, but thankfully I am not a cat.

Instead, my curiosity has given me some very interesting stories to tell.

If writing is one of the most powerful things we can be doing then that is my new focus throughout my treatment – inspire, empower, myself and others. Because immersion is the only way.

Wel, there’s dancing and staying sharp mentally, physically – and emotionally too.

And no more being shy about being an author! Coming out from behind my ghost names as far as y’all will let me. 😉

Want to hear from me on a regular basis? Follow me for my story with lots of pictures and my signature TMI* 

Follow me for my story with lots of pictures and my signature TMI* 

*Too Much Information 😉

You have been warned. Conversationally, I am often “down like a clown” and go for the deep dives whenever it seems fun. So we can be talking about kittens and cuddles, food and wine, whining and healthy narcissism, sexuality and the bonobonos etc.

Did I say you have been warned? Oh yes I did.


If you’re still with me, welcome to the journey. Thank you for your interest. xoxoxo

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