I’m a rogue consciousness adjusting to her new body. ~ Miko Hargett

Chemo was behind me, and the bilateral mastectomy was ahead of me. I’d never committed to a personal blog before, so this was on my new bucket list. New person doesn’t need the old disease. (Louise Hay)

Documenting my mental states through writing, and sharing publicly felt important to understanding cancer so I could help improve the experience for others. It was 2016. Since then my body’s gone through radiation, six or seven surgeries, an open wound for nine months and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

A brief history

Miko Hargett is a writer, storyteller and visionary with an eclectic background in infotech (entrepreneurship, content, design, development, marketing, strategy), entertainment, caregiving and fitness, plus a black belt in American Karate and a short cool stint as a certified skydiver. (Her birth name is Maria Faith Hargett.)

In 2015 Miko was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer on Mother’s Day weekend. After preoperative chemo and time to heal, on the day of her mastectomy (Super Bowl Saturday 2016), she committed to sharing her story on social media as part of her healing.

“It looks like I’m going to get a couple things off my chest today,” she joked on Facebook from the gurney before a nurse took away the phone.

Fast forward to December 2018, Miko is NED (No Evidence of Disease), her hair has grown back and so has her spirit.

Miko is a believer in coupling powerful vision with practical tools for exceptional experiences.

Fast forward to February 2021, Miko has gone through hyperbaric oxygen treatment and had two lat(issimus dorsi) flap surgeries. She believes she is rebirthed every time she has a surgery.

February 2022 was the last surgery. With a deep understanding of the struggles survivors face, the vision is to find like minds and kindred spirits to design and build a better healthcare system for everyone together.

This cheeky picture was taken in 2014. Before the boobie cancer showed up.

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