Since 2015 I am a breast cancer survivor finishing treatment in Las Vegas.

There are no signs of cancer. Chemo (16 sessions over four months), one year of targeted therapy, the bilateral mastectomy, first phase of reconstruction, and 35 rounds of radiation are all behind me now.

What’s left? I have another surgery probably around summer to exchange the tissue expanders to permanent implants.

Before all this boobie cancer?

I was born in Kyoto, Japan. I’m the eldest of 6 children and have been writing and working with people since I could hold a pencil – and my baby brother. I was blessed to become the momma of my very own man cub years later.

My first language was Japanese, followed by Indonesian, then Thai. And of course pig latin and secret dialects. I love the subtleties and nuances of language and spelling. Once I wanted to be a polyglot. Perhaps I still will.

I spent my childhood in Chiangmai, Thailand – memorably visiting the hill tribes near Nahn and getting bit by a tiny monkey – and later Bangkok. I also visited Malaysia, Singapore and Myan Mar (then Burma).

When I was 21 I moved to California, then spent time in Texas, Arizona and Nevada. In spite of the lack of green – which I miss immensely – I’m starting to think maybe I am an eclectic wicked witch of the southwest – wicked wonderful, naturally.

What I do for a living? Applied creativity. Some call it magic. 🙂

Professional Experience

Entrepreneurial, email marketing, customer information portal design for lead generation, streamlining “Wild West” initiatives and managing transitions, specializing in what can be referred to as Wicked One-Off situations.

Other skills and experience are: writing, editing, documentation, ghostwriting, content creation, management, marketing – with time spent in health and wellness as a caregiver in memory care, and a certified personal trainer with a focus on creating custom holistic mind-body practices that are sustainable and teach people how to manage their own fitness.

Current interests: big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and VR / AR with storytelling for health, wellness, and entertainment. 

At heart, I am an artist and a visionary. I love to collaborate with people who share core values like curiosity and generosity of spirit – to find ways to bring more joy into people’s lives by adding a little magic to the mundane and the mandatory.

Cancer has been an intense experience and every day I feel I am losing – finding different parts of myself.

It is my intention to share my journey of transformation – and some of my unique healing practices – in real time as much as possible, with the goal of switching my focus from integrative cancer treatment and healthy remedies, to using creative writing to tell a new life story.

Meanwhile, I am still very much under reconstruction. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

Want to help? Please see my current GoFundMe campaign and help me keep sharing my story as I heal. 

Thank you – and much love,

Miko x


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