Hello Hypocrite – Rebuild from Within #poetry #haiku

It’s broken. Can’t be fixed.

Systems, structures, violence.

They said. Then, goodbye

Said I inside.

Let me work shadows

Where you will not go yet –

It will be lonely,

I’ll hate you a bit.

Oh I’ll hate me too.

But healing cancer

Is no time to talk

Of how broken it all is.

Unless pain – hold me.

How dare we doubt love,

How dare we bridle a hope,

We cannot yet see.

Goodbye my own grief,

I’ve honored you with presence,

We took a long road.

Goodbye to my hate

You don’t fit inside the fridge –

I cannot eat you,

A bitter case you make –

Not bittersweet chocolate –

Just less room for joy.

Goodbye my cocoon.

Hello again to Shadows

Where light frames forms, lines –

I sit in dark space,

Light a candle, show my face,

Feel, heal pain – grit, grace.

Strike my healing soul

With politically correct –

Hello hypocrite.

We meet again, see –

Maybe it’s not you, it’s me.


You’re not off the hook

Nor am I – but count your words

Count the ones we’d eat –

Count repetitions,

Use Compassionometer –

Breathe inspiration.

Rebuild from within –

Yes the whole wide world –

Change the lens, framework.

Goodbyes a hard choice,

I don’t run from my shadows –

I’ll dive into them.

With my faith, vision and will;

Have you found yours yet my love?

Miko Hargett

Woman’s shadow against a wooden fence - Hello hypocrite, rebuild from within
Photo and Words by Miko Hargett

#haiku #poetry #freestyle #shadowwork #systems #structures #violence #goodbye #lonely #hate #healing #cancer #survivor #pain #love #doubt #hope #grief #presence #hate #light #feeling #political #words #inspiration #rebuild #framework #faith #vision #will

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